Why Join RMG?

You may be wondering, “Why would I join the RMG Club?”

For years, RMG looked around at what options a consumer had in the golf industry and realized, something is not right. At RMG Club, we’ve made belonging to a golf club simple. No gimmicks. No hidden fees. No down payment. No food minimums. None of that extra non-sense. Just choose the membership that is right for you, and set up a automatic payment plan, and start playing unlimited golf today. Joining takes less than 10 minutes.

Here’s some math for your wallet:
  • The average ex-Country Club member, turned RMG Club member, saves an average of $4155 per year. (Not to mention the $500-$25,000 you’ll be saving with our $0 joining fee)
  • The average family of four that plays golf just once a week saves: $6142 per year with an All-Access Family Membership
  • If you play twice a week, you will save an average of $3270 by buying an RMG Premier Membership @ $99 per month.
  • If you played three times a week, buying our All-Access Membership will save you $3424!
  • Lets say you play twilight golf once a week, switch to unlimited twilight with our Club Membership and save $674 per year!


And incase you need a few more reasons still:
  • In a recent study, the average golfer who walks 18 holes, carrying a bag burns 1500+ Calories. Or you could walk/run on a treadmill for an hour and only burn 500 calories.
  • Our social life at RMG Club is unlike any other organization. We consistantly have the most buzzing tournament and events calender around. Check out our mens and ladies clubs and you’ll find a welcoming social environment where you belong, while still providing the competitive atmosphere many are looking for.
  • RMG is all about supporting Junior golf and growing the future of the game. Get your kids plugged in with our incredible junior programs, private instruction, or clinics and they are sure to learn the game from world class instructors, and learn important life lessons while they’re at it. RMG is a huge supporter of the Northwest Junior Golf Tour amongst many other junior programs.
  • RMG Club plans on being one of the first golf course management companies to participate in a life-cycle analysis. This means we will be showing the public how we care for the environment with our eco friendly practices, continuing to learn how we can lessen our carbon footprint. Learn more about life cycle analysis here.